On February 8, 2007, I released version 1.00 of Percival, a specialized pixel-oriented image editor for the Apple Macintosh™. To download a disk image of the release, click this link: Percival 1.00.dmg. I have also provided an on-line PDF version of the “README” file for the release, and a web-browsable copy of the Percival Help file.

Percival is a stand-alone shareware application for Macintoshes using OS X 10.4 or later. Percival is universal binary -- it will run on both newer Macintoshes that use Intel processors, and on earlier units that use PowerPC™ processors.

    The name, “Percival”, is an acronym: Pixel Editor for the Repair and Customization of Icons, when Vector Applications Lose. I wrote Percival because I needed a pixel-level image editor for touching up icons, and installed only those features that were useful to me. I will probably not release any newer versions of Percival unless I find major bugs or discover that I need more editing capability.

    The release comprises the Percival application, a README file, and a copy of the Percival Help file. There is no source code for the application itself.

    The reduced-size screen shot above shows Percival editing the image for its own icon. The big image that fills most of the window is the workspace where the user makes changes. The smaller versions at left show the current image at several sizes, so the user can see what it will look like when Mac OS changes its size.

    Percival, like Wraith and Pixie, was a much-loved pet cat. That’s his picture in the icon.

    Known serious bugs in Percival: None known at present. If you should find any, by all means send me EMail.