Features of Light and Darkness Help File Features of Light and Darkness shows how the appearance of colors changes in different lighting conditions. Each scene is a pattern with two pigments. The top of the scene uses one light source, the bottom another.

Vertical sliders move the boundary between the two light sources. The long horizontal sider adjusts overall brightness, and simulates how color vision changes as it gets dark. Short horizontal sliders adjust relative brightness of light sources and pigments. Buttons select scenes, patterns, light sources, and pigments.

Press the "Scene" button for some interesting prepared examples.

Features of Light and Darkness is copyright © 2012 Jay Reynolds Freeman.

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You can view this help file on the Internet -- perhaps from a device with a larger screen -- at http://jayreynoldsfreeman.com/My/Features_of_Light_and_Darkness.html. Contact me at Jay_Reynolds_Freeman@mac.com.

Table of Contents:

  Credits and Inspiration.
  Using Features of Light and Darkness.
  The Scenes.
  Physiology of Vision.
  Physics of Spectra.
  How It Works -- Being Sneaky.
  Editing Things.

-- Jay Reynolds Freeman, December 2012